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The Dining Hall

Our Dining Hall can accommodate up to 17 people. There is also an ADA half bathroom and a wood stove fireplace in the dining room.

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Our kitchen is not available for self catering. If you do not choose to have any of your meals catered with us our Dining Hall will not be otherwise available to your group. 


We are happy to provide a nourishing and enjoyable mealtime experience for your group which will include using produce from our organic garden and orchard when seasonally available, and from local farmers and suppliers who have an awareness of their environmental and social impact. With dedication to sustainability and an understanding that food is integral to our nourishment, support, and healing, our chefs wish to provide optimal support for the holistic well-being of all our guests while you are here. Our chefs Shell and Roxy are experienced in accommodating various dietary preferences and needs. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and low or no sugar options are available with sufficient advance notice. Meals are served as a buffet with multiple beverage options, including filtered water, coffee, and a selection of teas available throughout the day.

There are also various dining options in the area if your preference is to explore the local restaurants for some or for all of your meals and our guest book has multiple menus for you to consider.

Meal Fees *  

*approximate cost based on current pricing. Fees subject to change depending on your customized meal plan.

Full Breakfast Service- $25 per person

Continental Breakfast-$15 per person

Full Lunch Service- $25 per person 

Picnic Style Lunch $15 per person 

Full Dinner Service- $30 per person

Additional Options-

Desserts-$7 per person

Appetizers- $15 per person

Protein Enhanced Breakfast- $30 per person

Pack-away Protein Enhanced Lunch-$30 per person

Protein Enhanced Dinner- $35 per person

You can choose which meals you would like for each day your group is booked at the Center according to your schedule and off site activities. Our chefs specialize in serving truly nourishing food that our guests have found to be an integral part of their experience at Ancient Springs. Some groups prefer to have 2 full meals and just snacks put out in the afternoon which is another option. If you have a specific budget you need to accommodate Shell can explain to you what would be available to fit your budget and dietary needs.

Meal plans are arranged with Shell no later than 2 weeks prior to your scheduled event and you will be asked to sign a separate catering contract with your chosen meal plans and preferences and pay the full fee at this time. Please consider that our chefs shop and plan your meals according to your specific needs ahead of time. Any changes that need to be made have to be communicated no later than one week ahead of your event and you will either be reimbursed any fees or charged any additional fees at that time depending on the changes you are requesting. No changes to your meal plan can be made less than one week ahead of your event.

To discuss your specific meal plan please email Shell at

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